Zyar Hlaing

Head of Myanmar Journalist Network

Zayar Hlaing, Head of Myanmar Journalist Network

Zayar Hlaing, Head of Myanmar Journalist Network
Zayar Hlaing is Editor and Co-founder of Mawkun (The Chronicle) magazine which was started in 2012 August, just four days after press censorship was abolished in Myanmar.

Mawkun is the one and only current affairs, in-depth and investigative monthly news magazine in Myanmar. Hlaing was also a co-founder and editor of Yangon Press International (YPI) newsgroup, which was founded in 2010. He reported and edited news features especially from ethnic areas around the country.

He joined to the Kumudra Weekly (later changed to Modern Weekly) and  worked as a reporter in 2006. At the end of 2008, He contributed news photos, news videos, radio reports and news features to international news media outlet such as AFP, Reuters, Al-Jazeera, BBC, RFA and several newspapers. He is strongly involved in the development of media society in the country.

He is involved in media training and often participates in news conferences as a panelist. He was a chairman of working committee for Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI), the first-ever independent journalism institute in Myanmar. Currently, he is member of board of director at MJI. He was elected as general secretary of Myanmar Journalist Network (MJN) in August 2015 and also elected as a member of Myanmar Press Council which was founded in October 2015.

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