About Impulse NGO Network

Impulse NGO Network (INGON) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1993 by Hasina Kharbhih, to address the issue of unsafe migration, exploitation, and human trafficking.

Today, Impulse NGO Network’s efforts against human trafficking expand across the eight states of North-East India, and to countries that India shares borders with, such as Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

Impulse NGO Network is led by a Core Team, an Advisory Board of experts from various walks of life, and is supported in spirit and effort, by 9 Media partners, 10 Northeast India State partners, adding to a total of 161 Network partners spread out all over the world.

We’ve also been fortunate to have received voluntary support in the form of time and skills, from hundreds of national and international individuals and organisations around the world over the years, who continue to be a part of our well-wishers network.

The core team of INGON operates from Shillong in Meghalaya, and acts as a hub for the network spread all over the world. The core team led by Hasina conceptualises strategies and tactics; educates and engages network partners; co-ordinates efforts; and drives the expansion of the network with the goal of putting an end to human trafficking and exploitation worldwide.

To put it in more technical terms, Impulse NGO Network emphasises on collaborations between the public and private sectors, to effectively tackle human trafficking at various stages. Impulse NGO Network ensures that our partners’ resources and legal mandates are channelized productively, to effectively raise awareness, develope sustainable livelihood opportunities, provide victim assistance, build the capacity of stakeholders, and create and disseminate knowledge and technology tools, to adequately tackle human trafficking, exploitation and unsafe migration.

Over the past 20 years, the Impulse NGO Network has helped reintegrate into society over 70 thousand survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.

What drives Impulse NGO Network’s effort and success, is its strategy of taking a holistic approach to the problem of trafficking in persons, without missing out on the tiniest socio-economic reasons that feed the demand and supply of human beings for exploitation and trade. All this is crystallised into the well-acknowledged Impulse Model of combatting human trafficking and exploitation worldwide.

The Impulse Model has been conceived, built, refined and redefined over the years, keeping in mind socio-economic changes, and learnings on the subject from around the world.

The Impulse Model is acknowledged globally, as one of the most effective ways of reducing the demand and supply of humans for trafficking and exploitation.

In order to scale and sustain the Impulse Model, Impulse NGO Network conceived and commissioned the Impulse Case Management Centre (ICMC) in 2015. At the core of ICMC is an online case management system that brings all our partners together on one platform, to provide intelligence and updates in solving human trafficking cases, through effective collaboration. This comprehensive approach has resulted in an overall increase in the reliability, co-ordination, and efficacy, in our partners’ response to human trafficking.

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