The Impulse Model Reporting

Giving serious importance to Reporting is key element in the fight against human trafficking, as per the Impulse Model. INGON’s new ICMC software makes reporting easier, and brings together all stakeholders, including enforcement agencies fighting human trafficking, in real-time.

Impulse NGO Network’s Impulse Case Management Centre, with its ICMC software now makes reporting and tracking cases of human trafficking a lot faster and more transparent.

Besides everyone in the INGON ecosystem, now anyone can report a human trafficking case to the Impulse Case Management Centre, and it will be taken up seriously – whether it is a concerned family member or a stakeholder of the Impulse Model.

A case can be referred to INGON and added to the ICIC software at any stage: from the moment a person goes missing, right through to when a rescue operation has already taken place and the victim needs repatriation, re-integration, or re-compensation.

What’s more, INGON Case Managers assist in filing an FIR (First Information Report) through the State or Networking partners of the source states, at the Police Station, if not already filed.

Once a case has been reported, Impulse Case Management Centre documents the case by adding it to the ICMC database, and immediately referring it to the respective Anti Human Trafficking Units and partner organisations at both the source and destination points of human trafficking, both nationally and internationally. The software provides real time updates and support to all stakeholders in the process of tracing the victim.


Impulse NGO Network has developed and implemented, in partnership with several Media partners, protocols and and best practices for reporting information, gaining intelligence, and providing updates in real time, on cases of human trafficking.

Given below is a list of our partners in Reporting, under the Impulse Model.