The Impulse Model Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is one of the final elements in the Impulse Model, that involves rehabilitation of survivors of human trafficking. INGON works with State partners, as well as other social welfare departments to help survivors find legally notified, short-term shelters and long term homes that are safe and comfortable.

The survivor rehabilitation process starts immediately after the person is rescued. INGON collaborates with the Social Welfare Departments of the respective states to provide short term shelter for the rescued persons. In case the government shelter is not available, INGON refers the rescued persons to an NGO-run shelter home that has been notified by the government.

During the short-term rehabilitation, INGON ensures that medical and other support services are provided to the rescued persons as per their needs. Moreover, during the short-term rehabilitation period, actions are being taken to identify the best long-term integration for the survivor.


Impulse NGO Network collaborates with various social welfare departments and other local NGOs to provide immediate and long term shelters for rehabilitation and reintegration of human trafficking survivors.

Given below is a list of our partners for Rehabilitation under the Impulse Model.