Impulse Model Prevention Rural Futures Co- Creation



To Combat human trafficking through restoration of environment & generation of sustainable value chain.

Impulse Model Prevention Rural Futures Co- Creation Partnership originated on 12 February 2020 with Hasina Kharbhih Founder Impulse NGO Network, Impulse Social Enterprises and Saurav Malhotra Co-Founder & Designer Rural Futures. It was officially launched on 4 December 2020 at the 8th Edition of Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM Forum with the theme Ecology is Economy and seeks to collectively bring together Impulse Model Collective Leadership from Eastern Himalayan to initiate good practices in driving social change through the Rural Futures innovation to restore the environment.

The co-creation of Impulse Model and Rural Futures intends to tackle multiple problems that stem from the environmental lens anticipating reduction of unsafe migration, addressing climate change by enabling livelihoods connected to growth and restoration of our critical ecosystems.

The co-creation convergence aims to create a holistic system to address numerous problems that stem out of financial instability in most of the indigenous communities across the Eastern Himalayan region. Community Development Programmes under the Impulse Social Enterprises have seen systematic progress proving beneficial in many households in the past 13 years through Impulse Empower Brand & Rural Futures Balipara Foundationis an innovation that has been pilot tested for the past 4 years. Through this co-creation partnership, we strive to scale deep and scale out in the partner countries of Impulse NGO Network in Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The co-creation is a partnership between the Impulse Model of the Impulse NGO Network & Rural Futures innovation of the Balipara Foundation. This gender equity leadership between Impulse Model & Rural Futures is led by Hasina Kharbhih, Founder, Impulse NGO Network, Impulse Social Enterprises & Saurav Malhotra, Co-Founder & Designer, Rural Futures Balipara Foundation and they function as the chief decision makers – on behalf of the innovations and the organizations that house them.

Impulse Model Prevention Rural Futures

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Impulse Model Prevention Rural Futures Co-Creation

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Impulse Model Prevention Rural Futures Co Creation Founders

Hasina is the Founder and Chairperson of Impulse NGO Network. Having spent over two decades in this sector, Hasina is considered one of the leading figures in the fight against human trafficking in India, as well as South and South East Asia.

Impulse Model Prevention Rural Futures Founder : Hasina Kharbhih


Saurav is Co-Founder and Designer of the Rural Futures innovation at the Balipara Foundation. Rural Futures integrates ecological gains with upward socio-economic mobility of forest-fringe communities. 

Impulse Model Prevention Rural Futures Founder : Saurav Malhotra