Mehernosh Shapoorjee – Communication Strategy Consultant

Mehernosh has been in the business of strategic communication solutions for three decades now. He has played a significant role in the success of several brands, organisations, causes, and individuals, over the years. He is a copywriter, creative director, brand planner, social media consultant, and reputation management counsellor.

Mehernosh ShapoorjeeMehernosh has created over a hundred campaigns for brands big and small, including several iconic campaigns for brands like Pepsi, Whirlpool, and Samsung.

He has a deep understanding of consumers, and of categories as diverse as apparel, automobiles, fast food, financial services, home appliances, information technology, hospitality, lifestyle, telecom, and even politics.

Over the years, he has won accolades and several awards for creative excellence and marketing effectiveness from international and national juries.

In the past ten years, Mehernosh has focused on helping brands navigate the internet, build online assets, and to use digital and social media to engage audiences and grow their businesses.

Mehernosh is also a strategic advisor and online reputation manager for select corporate leaders and public figures.

Mehernosh has been advising Impulse NGO Network and working with its Founder Hasina Kharbhih, since 2010, on branding, strategy, and communication for INGON and the fight against human trafficking.

Our Board of Advisors:

Jeffrey Brown Global Advisor Impulse Model
Govind Thapa Impulse Model Policy Advisor Nepal
Rallyan Mone Impulse Model Policy Advisor Myanmar
Krishan Varma Impulse Model Policy Advisor India