Focus Group Discussions In Nepal With Stakeholders For Conducting A Mapping Study On Services Available For Survivors Of Tip In Nepal

Impulse NGO Network, 4 th – 5 th October 2018, A Focus Group (FGD) Discussion in collaboration with WomenPowerConnect with support from Asia Foundation, held in Nepal, with a total of 67 participants, 36 from the Civil Society, 15 Governments officials and 16
Service Providers who also attended the National Workshop on Coordinating Efforts to jointly address human trafficking (National and Cross Border Cases).

The Focus Group was organised to map the services provided by each stakeholder in order to formulate the Services Directory compilation of stakeholders and Services Providers in India and Nepal to address cross border human trafficking cases. This Resource Directory which is in the process of formulation is an add on to the Standard Operating Procedure document drafted between India and Nepal,along with the working rules and will serve as a reference for stakeholders to work on cases effectively and transparently.

The discussion was mainly held to determine the types of NGO’s, their capacities and the activities being carried on by them. Thus, the NGO’s coordinated throughout the session as participants explained the process within their organisation regarding helping victims of human trafficking.

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