Tashi Rapten Barfungpa

Tashi Rapten Board Director Tashi Rapten Barfungpa, Lawyer, and Technical Expert, Impulse Model Press Lab Tashi Rapten Barfungpa has been a practicing lawyer since 2002, and is presently practicing in the High Court of Sikkim. He has 10 years experience practicing Human Rights Law commercially and voluntarily, with expertise in child advocacy, gender justice and human rights theory.

He is a member of HOPE Sikkim, established with a group of like-minded lawyer friends to provide free legal aid services and build awareness about basic human rights among ordinary citizens. He has represented cases involving victims of human rights violations including human trafficking, child abuse, unfair labour practice for women employees and access to government services.

He has published and reproduced newsletters, brochures and pamphlets advocating human rights and exposing human rights violations. He has been a state partner of Impulse NGO Network under the Impulse Model since 2005. He was part of the team for the compilation of the Handbook for Law Enforcement On trafficking In Persons 2006 of Impulse NGO Network, in Collaboration with North East Police Academy and supported by United Office on Drugs and Crime. He conducts capacity building training for law enforcement and various stakeholders under the Impulse Model

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