District Level Consultation on Coordinating Efforts to Jointly Address Human Trafficking 25th February 2020

Impulse Case Management Centre (ICMC) Support System Wide Capacity Building, District Level Consultation on Coordinating Efforts to Jointly Address Human Trafficking, 25th February, 2020, Tura, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya: 

Interactive sessions with informative inputs by participants. The effectiveness of the Impulse NGO Network study revealed that awareness about Human Trafficking is limited in the Garo
Hills, District of Meghalaya for which in collaboration with Meghalaya Administrative Training
Institute MATI, Government of Meghalaya organized a District Level Consultation supported
Church’s Auxilliary for Social Action CASA inviting stakeholders from different fields and opinions to Deliberate shades of cases involving human trafficking which have gone unheard. The aim of this Consultation is to ensure that all Stakeholders under the Impulse Model collectively resolve cases of human trafficking which will help them in offering meaningful assistance to trafficked people and their families.

Starting with Ivyreen Warjri Assistant Director, Good Governance Cell Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute Government of Meghalaya– “She outlined projects that can help people to be vigilant about evolving new trends, traffickers reaching out through social media platform to lure vulnerable women and children as well as online stalking. ”

Dr. Raghvendra Kumar MG IPS Superintendent of Police West Garo Hills District Government of Meghalaya “He highlighted the need for an upgrade system to address in convergence strategies and how a multi prolonged approach involving stakeholders for collaboration is important.”

Lesehu Meru, Regional Coordinator (North-East India) Church’s Auxilliary for Social Action CASA“He emphasized on a large number of dropouts amongst youth, that are vulnerable and they can be tricked into being trafficked therefore society working together to recognize the facets of human trafficking will curtail or discourage unnecessary abuse and build greater awareness.”

Ram Singh IAS, Deputy Commissioner, West Garo Hills, Government of Meghalaya– “He stressed the need to close the divide between people and law enforcement authorities and the importance of recruiting women.”

J Sangma MCS Additional Deputy Commissioner North Garo Hills, Government of Meghalaya “He shared odd cases of job advertisements published in newspapers that people are victim to because there are no adequate background checks for recruiters and/or workers”.

LC Marak MCS Additional Deputy Commissioner East Garo Hills Government of Meghalaya “He explains how poverty and unemployment have led in increasing cases and failing to inform about it.”

Skylance G.Momin Retd IGP President Nokma Council, Garo Hills, Meghalaya– “ He feels that the youth is lacking in a deep understanding of such crimes and how it should be fought in a legally responsive manner.”

Hasina Kharbhih Chair of Board Impulse NGO Network– “ She explained the importance of the roles of stakeholders’ efforts applying constitutional and legal context of the country to assist human trafficking cases, shared remedies enable successful intervention and the Impulse Case Management Centre (ICMC).”

After which Knowledge was shared about Human trafficking case intervention by Sonam Tenzing Bhutia IPS DIGP/Range Sikkim Police Government of Sikkim “He acknowledged the successful partnership with Impulse NGO Network while adopting ICMC. He also mentioned the importance of collaborating with Civil Society Organisations and telecommunications to work smoothly.”

Human Trafficking Case Intervention Under Impulse Model Rosanna Lyngdoh Director Impulse NGO Network also spoke- “She opined that there were many cases reported in ICMC, 2-3 on an average and insisted that the community should work in partnership with the Government Authorities to curb this menace which is affecting the society at large.”

Ending with Laws On Anti Human Trafficking Sauradeep Dey Lawyer Human Rights Law Network Guwahati-“ He briefly highlighted various laws and its provisions relating to intervening in human trafficking. He also explained about different legal procedures related to shutting down of brothels and the need to work together.”

Concluding, the consultation with 31 participants, with high determination and objective to help
cases of human trafficking and providing resources and cooperation. With the Government involved and other stakeholders, the whole mission would be impacting the lives of the unheard. For the future run, the Impulse NGO Network has planned a Collaborative Action Plan for their way forward in helping the unheard.

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