Export Procedures and Development Schemes For Women Entrepreneurs

Capacity Building Programme: EXPORT PROCEDURES AND


On 16th February 2019, Impulse Prevention Model in collaboration with Consumer Unity and Trust International (CUTS) held a capacity building programme for 26 women entrepreneurs. The workshop was aimed at equipping women entrepreneurs with necessary information pertaining to cross border trade, to enhance their capacities for the same. CUTS international is a non-profit organisation that works for the rights and the development aspirations of the poor. CUTS undertook studies for identifying the prospects for women in trade and related activities.

Ms. Aparna Sharma, Senior research Associate from CUTS explained in detail the pre requisite processes that are necessary in setting up a cross border trading unit, including that of opening a bank account, obtaining importer-exporter code, sampling, obtaining business identification number, finding buyers and converting risks through ECGC.

The guest speaker Ms. Dolly Khonglah gave a moving speech about her journey as a woman in a male dominated society who showed entrepreneurial ambitions. She went on to remark, “What makes me reach this height, there are three things – hard work, sincerity and interpretation”. This was followed by the inspired participants asking questions and getting a chance of having their doubts cleared about which banks to prefer, how an online store works, letter of credit, exporting of coffee in Bangladesh etc.

The programme turned out to be enriching for all 26 participants who were there. Through their interaction with Ms. Aparna Sharma and Ms. Dolly Khonglah, they got the answers to important questions regarding their future entrepreneurial ambitions and the much needed inspiration to keep the fire inside them burning.

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