Impulse Model Press Lab Training Workshop

Impulse Model Press Lab an initiative of  Impulse NGO Network under Impulse Model organized a One-Year and Four-Weeks Cross-Border Human-Trafficking Journalism Fellowship Training in Myanmar on 1 and 2 December 2018.  The training highlighted the important aspects of journalism, the aspects that investigation of human trafficking cases consists of, how the vision of the organization could be reached, i.e A world without Human Trafficking”. This fellowship training will facilitate  Cross Border collaboration on stories between fellows. Impulse NGO Network would also approach the Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong, for collaboration if fellows with strong sorties require further travel.

Beginning with, Ms. Hasina Kharbhih Chair of Board Impulse NGO Network “Journalists should not become insensitive and emotional at the same time while reporting on human trafficking issues. Never make fake promises, give fake hopes to survivors or your sources.”

Mr. Karma S Paljor Team Leader Impulse Model Press Lab Editor-in-Chief East Mojo “It is rare that you see a human trafficking story making headlines or lead story of the front page. In Indian media, it is zero.”

U Zayar Hlaing Editor Mawkum Magazine Myanmar: “Without investment there cannot be any investigative story. It is important that you have a proper investment of funds, time, and research.”

Coming to fellows who took the fellowship training, Ms. Harsha Pareek Impulse Model Press Lab, One-Year Fellow (India): “The two-day workshop held at Myanmar under Impulse Model Press Lab was very helpful. It gave us the opportunity to interact with other fellows and exchange ideas. It has enabled us to get a clearer picture of what this fellowship entails, and how to go about our story ideas. ”

Mr. Chandan Kumar Mandal Impulse Model Press Lab, One-Year Fellow (Nepal) “He explained that the lab has taught him that journalism could also play a vital role in solving human trafficking issues. The training in Yangon gave me the bigger picture of how the problem has been a massive issue not for a single country but for the whole region.”

Ms. Pari Saikia Impulse Model Press Lab Four-Week Fellow (India)  “She explained how impressive it is that Impulse Model Press Lab has given the opportunity to regional journalists based on their merits showing how language shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to reporting cases of human trafficking and the truth. This shows that the Lab is a genuine practice in empowering journalists. The short training by the Lab was insightful and empowering as it threw lights on new techniques, methods, International laws, journalism ethics,. which will be useful in our cross-border human trafficking reporting assignments for the fellowship.

Ms. Hninwai Wainwe Impulse Model Press Lab Four-Week Fellow (Myanmar)  “Earlier,  stories about cross border human trafficking would be written from India’s side viewpoint. The Impulse Model Press Lab fellowship has created an opportunity to report stories from the perspectives of both countries. The fellowship is beneficial for those who are eager to work on investigative stories in India and Myanmar, and I hope the Fellowship will attract more journalists to apply.”

Ms. Min Htet San Impulse Model Press Lab Four-Week Fellow (Myanmar) The Impulse Model Press Lab Fellowship, is bringing journalists of both countries, India and Myanmar to understand cross border human trafficking more deeply. This will also draw the interest of  journalists to apply for the Fellowship in the coming years.”

In conclusion, the two-Day Workshop with 25 participants in Myanmar was a success as most of the participants committed to the target. The participants found the workshop especially on ethical journalism practices really informative. The participants also spoke about the challenges that journalists are facing, the importance of recruiting agencies, and that of the Government towards making human trafficking a grief crime and single-window solution. Certain key decisions were taken regarding the objective such as fellows and their contract and official signing of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) between India and Myanmar in April 2019 for the Impulse Model Press Lab to intervene in the rescue and repatriation process of a victim directly.

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