Pushpa Hargovan Board Director

Pushpa Hargovan has over 25 years of work experience as a Community Development Consultant with broad experiences in countries like Afghanistan, Wales, South Africa, North East India and Pakistan. She has also taught sociology and languages in South Africa and the United States.

For over 25 years her experience has been in the development sector dealing with governments, Non-profit organizations and communities. Her development work experience started in Pakistan in 1992, followed by Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

She is an excellent cook and holds a BA in Social Science, an MSc in Social Science and has attended the University of Pennsylvania for Phd courses in Sociology. For the last 14 years in Shillong, Ms. Hargovan has been actively involved with Impulse NGO Network And has been in the Board of Directors of Impulse NGO Network for the last 6 years and is actively involved as an Advisor, Trainer.. Ms. Hargovan also works on promoting art and music in the area. She has been involved with the Shillong Chamber Choir for many years promoting their music and travelled to various countries with the group. Over the years Ms. Hargovan has been a member of various civil societies and societies for the promotion of the arts.

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